Tananbaum, MD, MBA

CEO & Managing Director


  • Founded Foresite Capital in 2011.
  • Co-founded GelTex, which was acquired for $1.6 billion by Sanofi-Genzyme.
  • Co-founded Theravance, Inc., (Total Market Cap of $2.68B) which subsequently changed its name to Innoviva, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVA) and with its spin-off Theravance BioPharma, Inc. (NASDAQ:  TBPH), the companies have a combined market capitalization of $2.68 billion.
  • Earned BS and BSEE from Yale University in Applied Math and Computer Science and M.S. from MIT, MD and MBA from Harvard University.
  • Member of Yale’s University Council and the advisory committee of the Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science.

Jim is founder of Foresite Capital and an industry leader with 25 years of healthcare entrepreneurial and investing experience. Jim focuses on strategic, operational and financial opportunities to build franchise healthcare businesses. He has been the chief architect of Foresite Capital’s investment organization structure and investment strategy and has played a significant role in numerous Foresite Capital companies.

During the last 25 years, Jim has founded and/or helped grow healthcare franchises in all segments of the healthcare economy. Earlier he was co-founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GENZ), which brought two drugs to market and was bought for $1.6 billion. In addition, Jim co-founded Theravance, Inc. (NASDAQ: THRX, INVA, TBPH) and Prospect Ventures Partners II and III.

Jim graduated Yale University in 1985 with BS/BSEE and earned an MD in 1989 and an MBA in 1991 from Harvard University, and an MS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1989. Jim serves as a member of Yale’s University Counsel.  He previously served on the boards of numerous private and public pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as Harvard-MIT HST Program, Fine Arts Museums of SF, and a member of World Economic Forum.